Blog Post on VP#2 (3) – Favorites

<Favorite Blooper Scene>

The clip above is one of our favorite bloopers. This blooper, in particular, made us laugh immensely as Bo Soo’s intonation, when he said “okay,” was hilarious to us all. I doubt that re-watching this or a third person viewing this would understand why exactly this was funny. Nonetheless, I decided to post this blooper scene just illustrate how enjoyable the whole process was to us.

<Favorite Scene In Film>

This clip, as a whole, is my favorite part in our final film. The reason being the fact that the music and the way it was edited complements each other. This scene is one of the scenes that turned out better than we thought it would. The saving factor definitely was the editor’s, Byung Sun Kim, editing skills, but I believe this scene turned out to be a success due to many other factors that added on to each other. These other factors, I believe, was firstly the actor’s effort that went into the scenes. Running up and down the stairs a couple of times considering the fact that a scene cannot be created in one take, shows how much effort the main actor exerted to create a satisfying scene. Moreover, the last contributing factor was the music that we chose. Music was another issue that we had encountered as a problem, because we were worried about copyright issues, however, we decided to use genuinely good music that is in the market. Thus, after much contemplation, under my recommendation and everyone else’s consent, we decided that “Run Boy Run” by Woodkid was an appropriate background soundtrack to use in this scene, as the scene literally is about a boy running.

After the running scene, there is a penultimate argument scene between the two main characters. I remember how many mistakes they had made that day, due to the level of acting skill that the scene required as well as the memorization skills required. Thus, this scene is also my favorite scene for a very different reason, which, I believe, is out of a nostalgic reason.

The last scene where the main character, Andrew, played by Bo Soo Kim, gets hit by a bicycle. This was a scene that was intended as a very comedic and ironic scene due to the fact that while the movie illustrated a serious car accident, which incurred the hospitalization of the main charater, our scene depicted an irony that an individual could be seriously hospitalized due to a minor hit from a bicycle. Moreover, the music and slow motion technique adds to the comedic and ironic factor.


Blog Post on VP#2 (2) – Bloopers All the Way

Although our video project did not win as a prize, nor were we able to enter the screening at the Hanyang English Film Festival (HEFF), I am still proud of the work that we did. I believe that this shows in the next clip that I will be showing of our bloopers. The following video is a compilations of funny bloopers that we had whilst we were filming. Personally, I get a positive vibe from the videos, more so, because I have had the chance to be a part of all of the scenes as the person filming the scene for most of the time. I was either participating as the camera man or just as a director to overlook the whole process.

As the video clearly shows, everyone was very present in this project. We had started off lost and unsure of what to do, but we were all able to becoem a very cooperative bunch where we were all suggesting new and different ideas to improve the film. All in all, I believe the process is what counts most. I am satisfied just by the fact that we were able to cooperate as a whole. It is easy for such a project to go downhill due to different personalities, time schedules and clashing ideas, but I can honestly say that we did not have one skirmish and that is, I repeat, what I believe counts.


Vlog Embeds to Blog – Part 2 (9) , (10)

I recently became a member of KT&G SangSang Univ’s Musical and Theme’s 11th team member. This is one of the many programs that KT&G provides for university students. As I am fan of musicals I wanted to try out in something dynamic as this. The video above is a dress rehearsal video of “Belle” from the musical ‘Notre Dame De Paris.’

As a member I sang “On My Own” from the musical ‘Les Miserables,’ which was a song that Eponine sung, while thinking of Marius. Although, I regret that I do not have video of me singing I do have a video of me on my dress rehearsal as a host and that is what the video above is about. There were two hosts and I was one of them.

Obviously I’m the one with the long hair 😉

Vlog Embeds to Blog – Part 2 (7) , (8)

This is a short video that I shot of musical “Ghost’s” curtain call. I enjoy watching musicals, more so, than watching movies, although musicals are a lot more expensive. As an avid musical fan, I definitely recommend this musical, although it ended last year. I’m hoping that it will show again, because even after watching it 3 times (!) I’d like to watch it again. That is how much I recommend this musical. It is based off a hollywood movie called “Ghost” starring Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. As this movie contains a supernatural element, the musical was produced with Harry Potter’s magic director and I would like to say some of the eye tricks that the musical contains is spot on and it is not lame by no means. I could not figure out some of the tricks that they used until my 3rd time watching it, along with a binocular that I borrowed from a friend!